[BONUM1957 & KIMSOHYUNGFULL Special Event!]

Premium Hanok & Boutique BONUM1957 is starting a collaboration with
Sohyung Kim, a Beauty expert and famous oriental Doctor with the state-of-the-art cleansing line products trial kit event.

To the guests who are visiting BONUM1957,
we are offering a “Sun-sang go” a solid type shampoo
that is refreshing and mild,
also, a “Boncho” cleanser, which is made of grains and is slightly acid at PH 5.5

-Event period: 05/14/2018 ~ until it run out.
-Item : Kim Sohyung Pink Whiten cleanser 75g 1 bottle
Kim Sohyung Pink Whiten cleanser for traveling 4g*10 pack
Kim Sohyung Shampoo Sun-sang-go 1 set per room.