Arriving in Bukchon area, I was mesmerized by traditional architecture and palaces surrounding the area. Bonum is perfectly located in the middle of this tradition area where you can easily explore both the best photo zones and get in some shopping at the same time.

Strolling down the alley way right behind Bonum1957 I discovered a quaint  little pottery shop showcasing traditional ceramics along with incense and other beautiful ornaments hidden in a small little Hanok style building. Across from this little shop there is a modern gallery also with a traditional building showcasing international works.

Walking along the back alleys further up you reach a beautiful view at the top of the traditional street that is great for photos and enjoying the spectacular view.

As you ascend up along the winding roads and start curving down you reach a beautiful little art gallery with art works from the surrounding area. These make great gifts or souvenirs from your visit to Seoul. If you don’t find anything that is in your price range here, walking a few minutes lower down, you will reach a little store selling Hanbok (traditional Korean dress)  from as low as 20,000 won. If you are not looking to purchase a Hanbok, there are many places in the surrounding area where you can rent a Hanbok for the day to add yo your Korean experience.


The further down you stroll through the alley ways you eventuate into a shopping district with boutiques and and variety of gift stores and street foods. There are also many tea houses and coffee shops surrounding the area to relax after a long day of exploring.

To find these little hidden gems, please ask the concierge at Bonum1957.