JTBC Drama “MISTY” Aired Scene

Did you catch JTBC's "MISTY" last night? It was the last episode where KANG TAE WOOK (지진희) went to see his parents that BONUM1957's Hanok was shown. That's our Hanok in this shot! It was the last episode, the ending... Continue Reading →

NEWTIDE Magazine Feature

Bonum1957 was featured in the magazine NEWTIDE.


The popular JTBC drama MISTY was on site at BONUM1957 for a remote location filming of a couple of scenes. The popular drama is now on air Fridays and Saturdays on JTBC. SYNOPSIS: I wanted to have, steal and keep... Continue Reading →

Travel contents company selling Hanok Stay

A travel contents company is willing to bring out the HANOK experience for a more broad audience.Check this video for more information (shot at BONUM1957).

LIME TUBE – HANOK Experience

K-POP Sensation PSY’s Music Video Location

BONUM1957 was where K-POP sensation PSY shot his "I LUV IT" music video.

BONUM1957 Featured in Magazine

Exploring the alley ways behind Bonum1957

Arriving in Bukchon area, I was mesmerized by traditional architecture and palaces surrounding the area. Bonum is perfectly located in the middle of this tradition area where you can easily explore both the best photo zones and get in some... Continue Reading →

The Hanok Story

Bukchon Hanok is situated between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace, refelcting 600 years of Korea's History. The streets are lined with traditional hanok which characteristics are deriven form Chinese and Japanese counterparts but has developed very distinct characteristics due to... Continue Reading →

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