BONUM1957 is located in the heart of Seoul South Korea where the traditional and modern living cultures meet. Symbolizing both the old and the hip new generation, BUKCHON is the tourist hot spot of Seoul. Each ally having a special character of its own, the BUKCHON area is a great place to just go out and EXPLORE on your feet. Most allies are connected and with the main street buses that stop in all convenient locations, there is no need to worry about transportation! Grab a camera or even just your phone and come see what the back allies of BUKCHON have for you to see!


BUKCHON is most famous for its HANOK. The traditional HANOK buildings that have been preserved and restored deliver a beautiful image to the eye. However, the location allows for any tourist to have easy access to a variety of different famous attraction locations.


Follow the small and narrow back alley paths to find unique Pop-Up stores or just even a small coffee shop selling nothing else but coffee. The unique characteristics of these alleys will mesmerize you.


Whether it’s a quick burger or traditional KOREAN BBQ, BUKCHON’s bak alleys have it all. Western restaurants to the famous Korean BINGSU dessert cafes are all of what the back alleys have in store for the food lovers in Korea. Try the wide variety of different foods from Korean street food to Bibimbap. Bukchon’s alleys will satisfy your taste buds for sure!