BONUM1957, meaning: a jewel-like place designed in 1957, is a luxurious house in the city of Seoul, which was destroyed after the Korean War. “BUKCHON” being symbolized as the miracle of the Han River, built by the families of the Joseon Dynasty and major businessmen, is now being recalled as a global tourist attraction. Bonum (Latin for happiness and grace) is named to bring grace to all those around. It is a beautiful place with great meaning in both the name and visual aspects of traditional hanok and modern lifestyle. Bonum 1957 is now doing its best to bring out the most brilliant values in life to everyone who has stayed.


 “Values that have not changed over time, a blend of traditional Hanok and modern lifestyle”

The “stone hall”, which refers to the mixed style
of traditional Korean houses and modern houses,
is a private residence of the first-generation
entrepreneur, Chairman Kim Ki-tak, who took part
in establishing the foundation of Korea’s trade in
the 1940s. The vision of the founder who engraved
the values of Korea in the framework of
“modernization of tradition” has survived until this
date and time. Since the day Bonum 1957 was
built and until this day the vibrant structure of
flowing lines and composition is Asian and
Western beauty brought together in its best values.






Hanok is a place where Mr. Kim hosted VIPs and where one may experience the traditional culture of sitting and living on ONDOL floors. It is where guests can get a glimpse of the history and footsteps of the late entrepreneurs and intellectual people of the past. In particular, the interior furnishings and accessories symbolize Korean craftsman culture.  The paintings and artwork in the hanok have traditional values that are blended in, showing the founder’s philosophy in both his living and business. The traditional style of ONDOL architecture, which is bringing heat through the floors, indicates that the ancestors’ taste and wisdom can be found in the original hanok.



The main building is the “restored and preserved
space” which has preserved marble floors, wooden
ceilings, and chandeliers of the 1950’s from when
the building was built. The ceiling and walls of the lobby
are inspired by the lines and wooden structure of the
hanok. Creating an illusion of one visiting a cozy
country home. The concrete of the thick wall moldings,
finishing material has been restored with the meaning
of “modernism with tradition”. It has become a beautiful
space where restoration and creation are met.
The rooms of Bonum 1957 are all in different forms
(floor and ceiling structure), which is a result of efforts
to preserve as much of the original structure and
materials from the 1950’s. Each room has a specially
designed private terrace and a small garden between
the two buildings that make one feel like they are
staying in a “home” rather than a hotel room.





The 12-ton natural stone located in the wide courtyard (courtyard between the main building and the hanok) is believed to defeat the goblins and ward off evil and all those who stay have ‘Bonum’  and blessings brought upon them. We hope to bring BONUM (happiness and grace) to a point in your life through during your stay at BONUM1957 HANOK STAY AND HOTEL.