Frequently Asked Questions


How do I search for a room?

You may use the View Rooms button the main page or the top main menu Rooms&Reservations button.









How do I view my selected room?

Once you have decided on a room, click the room from the ROOMS&RESERVATIONS page.
Select your desired check-in and check-out date, along with the number of adults.

Once you have selected these items, press the BOOK NOW button at the bottom to select that room.

You can view the room in your Booking Cart or on the side bar menu area.







I get an UNDEFINED error message on the CHECKOUT page. I cannot press the PLACE ORDER button. Why?

If you have securely selected a room and filled out all billing information, selected payment by credit card or bank transfer, there shouldn’t be any issues. However, if you have previously cancelled your payment, timed-out of the window session or if someone else has booked that specific room while during your payment process, this error may occur.


If the problem persists please contact a representative and we will promptly assist you.

Phone Number: 02-763-1957 (+82-2-763-1957)
Email: info@bonum1957.com









I made a reservation but did not receive a confirmation email or see an ORDER DETAILS page on my browser. Did my reservation go through?

If you received a payment receipt but did NOT receive an email from BONUM1957 HANOK&BOUTIQUE, please contact a representative with your order number. We will assist you in confirming the details.

Phone Number: 02-763-1957 (+82-2-763-1957)
Email: info@bonum1957.com


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