The popular JTBC drama MISTY was on site at BONUM1957 for a remote location filming of a couple of scenes. The popular drama is now on air Fridays and Saturdays on JTBC.


I wanted to have, steal and keep

A body. Three suspects.
Who killed him.
Cross statements and the surfacing truth.
Good and evil, true and false, justice and iniquity,
All values and meanings thrown away and the TODAY that matters.

Today, the world moves intensely.
To have more and to succeed more, be better than others and live better than others.
What is wrong with having all that?
The effort and passion for success are pure and natural,
Like that, everything begins with good intentions.
But that line never satisfies us.
The substance of success made with pure passion is changed with the substance of anxiety which may possibly be deprived anytime,
People who have tasted that little sweetness of success even once, will do anything to hold on to it.
They know how to use shameless lies and know that any disgraceful hypocrisy is dignified use.
It’s not “how to live …” but “how to survive” that is the importance in this world.

Ignoring the conscience, ignoring the sides of conscience, overwriting the pretense that is the hypocritical lie of “to survive to a place higher than the only man living”
To those who step forward knowing this, what do you really, truly want to grab right now?