Terms of Use of Room

1. Check-in and Check-out Times
– Check-in starts at 3:00 PM. Additional charges may apply if you wish to check in before 3:00 PM.
– If you wish to check-in after 9:00 pm, please contact us in advance.
– Luggage storage service is available free of charge if you arrive before check-in time.
– Check-out time is 12:00 PM.
– If you leave after the designated departure time (12:00 PM) a separate extension fee (50% of the daily rate) may be charged

2. Non-smoking and Damage to Facilities
– According to Jongno-gu Tourism Public Health and Safety Law, all rooms and all areas on the hotel property are non-smoking areas.
– A minimum fee of 100,000 won will be charged for smoking on the property.
– If smoking in rooms is caught or suspected, the hotel may charge a fine.
– In case of damage or damage to the facilities caused by carelessness, the hotel may request compensation.

3. Room selection and change
– Rooms can be chosen at the time of booking only through the http://www.bonum1957.com website.
– Reservations can not be changed for reservations through booking sites.
– Please be aware that rooms booked through booking sites will be assigned on the day of at the front desk.
– In the case of reservation through the booking site, it is possible to change the room type upon request at the hotel on the day of check-in, but in accordance with the following fare-regulations: Room Rate Up: Pay on the Site, Down Room Rate: No refund
– There are rooms without bathtubs (only a shower booth). Please check the detail page of each room before making a reservation.

4. Room Facilities and Lost Property
– FreeWifi is available in all rooms and the lobby.
– You can use IP TV(Cable) in all rooms and watch Internet content such as YOUTUBE.
– Personal belongings found at the time of departure will be kept for 2 weeks from the day of departure and will be discarded after 2 weeks.